Bobby and Linda at an event in Vinoy Park.

Bobby & Linda

Bobby and I retired in 2015 and wanted to find a hobby that we could enjoy together. Bobby always had a love for a good cigar, and one day I said, “Why don’t we sell cigars?” Combining Bobby's passion for fine cigars with my love of the outdoors and local festivals, we figured that we just might be on the something. 

Building on Bobby’s knowledge and love of fine cigars, we set out to meet the local cigar crafters in historic Ybor City.  Once know as "Cigar City" this area, located, just outside Tampa, Florida, is home to a lively and flourishing cigar community.  After a lot of networking, research and long ashes, we identified a strong foundation of premium cigars for our "hobby".

 Ybor City.  Utilizing a business plan that prioritizes fun and community, we set out to bring fine cigars to festival-goers and the general public.  Our plan to sell our cigars through our mobile venues and website allows us to continually meet new people and expand our connections in the industry.

In the few months since our hobby turned into our nearly full-time business, we have continually expanded our inventory of fine, cigars, humidors, and accessories.   Bobby calls his cigars his babies as he continually checks on them, to ensure that we bring you the freshest selection of hand-chosen cigars available.  Our goal is to offer premium hand rolled cigars that have been stored to perfection at an affordable price.  

We continually strive to improve our business, always trying different humidors and calibrating the hygrometers to be sure that you receive each cigar as it was intended to be by the local hand-crafter.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Samples of our bundles


Bobby, or Boston Bobby as our patrons call him, takes pride in his cigars and sells only the freshest, hand rolled, long leaf cigars he can seek out.  All of our cigars are personally selected, and enjoyed, by Bobby with the aim sharing his love of cigars with the community.

Our mission is to bring fine cigars to the public at affordable prices. We are fortunate to be able to accomplish this through minimal overhead and an business plan that prioritizes quality and affordability.

Elisa is one of the local crafters in Ybor who brings generations of experience and secret family blends


All of the cigars that we offer are hand-selected from Tampa Bay’s premier cigar crafters.  Most of which are located in Tampa’s historic Ybor City, once known as “Cigar City: The Cigar Capital of the World.”  We also proudly carry the entire line of Blanco Cigar Company cigars, including Hirman Soloman.

The Blanco Cigar Company corporate offices & North America distribution center are located in Clearwater, FL.  The Blanco family believes in a strong family-oriented business and as a result much of the family is involved in one aspect of the business or another.  We are proud to offer these fine cigars at B&L Fine Cigars.