What is the difference between Mild to Medium and Medium to full body?

Mild to medium cigars are the most common cigar.   It will give you an opportunity to experience a wide varity of different blends.  It is perfect for the novice smoker.

Medium to full body are right in the middle, not too light, not to strong.  You can pair these  with your favorite Scotch, Bourbon or Wine for those  special occasions.

What does Robusto mean?

A short, fat cigar – traditionally 5 to 5 1/2 inches by a 50-52 ring gauge.

What does Toro mean?

It describes the cigar as being 6 inches.

What does Maduro mean?

Maduro is a very dark brown, oily leaf with a sweet taste known for its fullness and richness.

What does Churchill mean?

It describes the cigar as  being 7 inches.  I notice all the cigars have numbers after them, what does that mean?

A cigar is measured by length and ring gauge (diameter).  The length is measured in inches.  The ring gauge is measured in units of 1/64th of an inch.  A 64-ring cigar would be one inch in diameter.

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