Cap – A circular piece of wrapper leaf placed at the head of the cigar to secure the wrapper in place.

Churchill – A large parejo cigar, traditionally 7 inches by a 48 ring gauge.

Corona – The most familiar size and shape for premium cigars:  generally straight-sided with an open foot and a closed, rounded head, usually not more than 5 1/2 inches in length.

Cuban Seed – Usually refers to plants grown in non-Cuban countries with seeds from Cuba.

Draw – The amount of air that gets pulled through a lit cigar.  

Filler Leaves – The individual tobacco leaves used in the body of the cigar.  A fine cigar usually contains between two and five different types of filler tobacco.

Habano – A designation which, when inscribed on a cigar band, indicates that a cigar is Cuban.

Handmade – A cigar made entirely by hand with high-quality wrapper and long filler.  All premium cigars are handmade.

Hand-rolled – A cigar made entirely by hand with high-quality wrapper and long filler.

Hot – Describes a cigar that is under filled and has a quick, loose draw.

Humidor – A room, or a box, designed to properly store and aging of cigars by maintaining a relative humidity level of 70% and a temperature of approximately 65F to 70F.

Ligero– One of the three basic types of filler tobacco.  The name means light in Spanish, but this aromatic tobacco lends body to a blend.

Long Filler – Filler tobacco that runs the length of the body of the cigar, rather than chopped pieces or scraps found in machine-made cigars.

Maduro – A wrapper shade from a very dark reddish-brown to almost black.  The word means ripe in Spanish.  The color can be achieved by sun exposure, a cooking process or a prolonged fermentation.

Ring Gauge – Measurement for the diameter of a cigar, based on 64ths of an inch.   A 64 ring gauge cigar is one inch thick.

Robusto – A short, fat cigar, traditionally 5 to 5 1/2 inches by a 50-52 ring gauge.

Seco – The Spanish word for dry, seco is a type of filler tobacco.  It often contributes from and is usually medium-bodied.

Shade-grown – Wrapper leaves that have been grown under a cheesecloth tent.  The filtered sunlight, and even humidity, cr4eates a thinner, more elastic leaf.

Sun-grown – Tobacco grown in direct sunlight, which creates a thicker leaf with thicker veins, especially in the top most leaves of the plant.

Torpedo – A cigar shape that features a closed foot, a pointed head and a bulge in the middle.  

Vein – A structural part of a leaf; prominent veins can be a defect in wrappers.

Viso – A glossy wrapper leaf grown under cover.

Wrapper – A high-quality tobacco leaf wrapped around the finished inch and  binder.  It is very elastic and, at its best, unblemished.  Valued for it’s appearance and usually the most expensive leaf.