Our Approach

Bobby, or Boston Bobby as the customers call him, takes pride in his cigars and sells only the freshest, hand rolled, long leaf cigars he can find.  All of our cigars are personally selected, and enjoyed, by Bobby with the aim sharing his love of cigars with the public.

Our mission is to bring fine cigars to the public at affordable prices. We are fortunate to be able to accomplish this through minimal overhead and an business plan that prioritizes quality and affordability.


Our Story

Bobby and I retired this year and wanted to do something we could do together. Bobby always had a love for a good cigar, so I said one day, “why don’t we sell cigars?”. The rest as they say, is history.

Building on Bobby’s knowledge and love of fine cigars, we set out to meet the local cigar crafters in Ybor City.  Utilizing a business plan that prioritizes fun and community, we set out to bring fine cigars to masses.  Our plan to sell our cigars through our mobile venues and website allows us to continually meet new and exciting people.

In the few months since our hobby turned into our part-time business, we have continually expanded our inventory of cigars, humidors, and accessories.   Bobby calls his cigars his babies as he continually checks on them, to ensure that we bring you the freshest array of choices available. Our goal is to offer premium hand rolled cigars that have been stored to perfection. We continually strive to improve our business, always trying different humidors and calibrating the hydrometers to be sure that you receive each cigar as it was intended to be by the local hand crafter.

Meet the Team

Bobby lighting a cigar for a customer

Bobby Greenwood



Bobby retired from the Gillette Company in 2007 to spend more time with his children and grandchildren.  He moved to Florida in 2015 where he met and fell in love with his neighbor across the street.  They married a year later.


Linda Greenwood

Secretary, Treasure

Linda is Bobby’s wife.  He talked her into retiring in March of 2016, but they wanted to do something together.  B & L was created in October 2016.

Next Steps…

Please take a few minutes and view our products, both cigars and accessories.  We try to bring you the freshest hand rolled cigars at the best price possible.

Our Cigars